Ceramic Pomegranate Workshop

Ceramic Pomegranate Workshop

Unlocking the Jewels Within: A Ceramic Pomegranate Workshop - Delving into the Form, Colour and multiple functionalities of Nature's Exquisite Gem.

The process of opening and extracting the delicious seeds from a pomegranate can be seen as a ritual, adding an element of mystery and elegance to the fruit. The act of revealing the hidden jewels within creates a sense of anticipation and appreciation. A lot like making ceramics. 

In our Feb 22, 6pm workshop we will be studying the nuances inside and outside of a pomegranate and will be replicating our findings in clay. We will demonstrate the making of decorative and functional pomegranate shaped ceramics and you will have time to create your own.

You will also have time to colour them before you leave them to us to fire, glaze and fire one more time. 

This is BYO workshop and it is bookable on our website. 

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